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Jan. 18th, 2009



Happy 200th Birthday Edgar Allan Poe

Bicentennial celebrations are under way for Edgar Allan Poe's 200th birthday this weekend in Baltimore. Festivities will continue next weekend as well.

To follow WritelyApplied's celebration visit: WritelyApplied.today.com and Squidoo.

Aug. 7th, 2008




This old bird is going on vacation. I'll try to be creative and ask that you do the same. If any one joins I just want to say Welcome to Writely Applied! Share something creative with us while you visit and I hope to chat with you when I get back. 

Aug. 3rd, 2008



Considering Creativity

“For some of us, the highest form of play, as well as work, is creativity. The best gift is a creative idea to play with.”


…from God, Help Me Create by Claire W. Chapter 1 intro, Considering Creativity

This week I'm going to consider creativity. I've picked up an old book I read a while back called God, Help Me Create - Realize your Creative Potential. I'm going to try and do that.

Share how you will support your creativity.

Aug. 2nd, 2008



Writely Applied

Writely Applied is a vision inspired by the incredible journalist, Nellie Bly who said “Energy rightly applied and directed will accomplish anything.”

The vision is about writing…any writing, all writing and no writing in particular. It is a vision of writer’s resources. Not just for journalists, bloggers, novelists or poets. It is a library, a stationary shop, a café with WiFi. It is wherever you are when you are writing, thinking about writing or reading about writing. It is you if you want to be a writer.

- From the first post of Writely Applied at Today.com.

It started as a blog and I couldn't stop there. Writely Applied is a creative group to share ideas, share goals and practice creativity.

All creative people welcome. This is not exclusive to writers. Please join if you are an artist, illustrator or photographer. Give us something to write about!